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Carbon Minus India (CMI)
CMI's Campaigns

We at CMI, along with IISD, have following 9 Campaigns, Advocacy and Outreach Programmes, running right now, with active participations by our Volunteers.

- Climate Friendly Lifestyle Campaign
- Friday - No Car Day Campaign
- UNEP's Clean the World Campaign
- National Green Marathon / Walkathon - Run for the Planet
- National Tree Plantation Drive under UNEP's Trillion Trees Campaign
- CMI-IISD-UNEP's India Climate Neutral Program 2008-30
- Go Veggie Way – Campaign
- Campaign for Sustainable Consumption and Production Methods
- Walk, Cycle to remain Healthy Campaign

Join our Campaigns today. You are invited as a Volunteer. Please visit 'Be a Volunteer' Page in 'Get Involved' Section. Welcome