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Carbon Minus India (CMI)

1. What is Carbon Minus – Is it Carbon Negative ?
Ans. No, Carbon Minus is not Carbon Negative. It is rather aggressive Carbon positive or drastic initiatives for Green House Gas Reduction or curtailment. Minus means to reduce bad carbons.
2. What is the mission of Carbon Minus India (CMI)?
Ans. CMI has only one clear Mission – Aggressive GHG Emission Reduction to stabilize Planet’s Climate through the multi-stake holder engagements, for the sustenance of the Mother Earth, hence the survival of all of us.
3. When it is initiated ?
Ans. Although it is initiated informally from 3rd September 2001, It had it’s Official registration since 17th July 2007 as an initiatives of Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) at New Delhi
4. Who are the people behind CMI ?
Ans. Leading Scientists of international repute, along with some credible Policy Makers, Parliamentarians, Jurist and Media Personalities of India are behind the inception and running of the Carbon Minus India (CMI), New Delhi.
5. What are the activities of CMI ?
Ans. Policy Advisory, Research, Consultancy, running Academic Courses & Educational Programmes for Capacity Building & Training, School Programmes, Promotion of Clean Energy Technologies and Massive Trees Plantation under “India Climate Neutral Programme 2008-2030”, engaging in Climate Change Debate, Dialogue & Negotiations, Publications and beyond.
6. How can I subscribe Carbon Minus’ ?
Ans. “ Carbon Minus’ was getting published quarterly on regular basis for 9 years in print format. It is again planned to be published as an e-journal of Carbon Minus India CMI) on the themes of Climate Change and Carbon Finance; Which would be an electronic web-based publications, till we have stable finance arrangements as we do n’t want it to be disrupted after it starts rolling.
7. How can I advertise in Carbon Minus ?
Ans. Advertisement Details would be made available on Request. – Our Black & White Advertisement Rates are more than the Colour, as it is a Colourful magazine, B & W is considered as exceptional luxury.
8. How CMI works ? Does CMI has branches ?
Ans. No, CMI works from the Indian capital city New Delhi only, along with its mother Institute of affiliation, Indian Institute Of Sustainable Development (IISD) – Although it has ties up with regional based credible NGOs of India, Research Organizations and Universities in all most every State and Union Territories of India. It works at international scenario with global credible networks, collaborating with Other credible Institute of repute, having similar objectives.
9. What are the Campaigns, initiated by CMI ?
Ans. Nine Campaigns initiated by CMI are – - Climate Friendly Lifestyle Campaign
- Friday - No Car Day Campaign
- UNEP's Clean the World Campaign
- National Green Marathon / Walkathon - Run for the Planet
- National Tree Plantation Drive under UNEP's Trillion Trees Campaign
- CMI-IISD-UNEP's India Climate Neutral Program 2008-30
- Go Veggie Way – Campaign
- Campaign for Sustainable Consumption and Production Methods
- Walk, Cycle to remain Healthy Campaign
10. Are there any special initiatives of CMI – Tell details ?
Ans. Yes CMI has joined hand with UNEP in it’s Billion Tree Campaign as a partner from India and organizing massive Tree Plantations, largely topical in nature, as well as promoting Clean Energy Technologies, if required facilitating Technology Transfer, under it’s special programme “India Climate Neutral Programme (ICNP) 2008-30”, launched on June 5th 2008, Partnering with United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) by Minister for Environment & Forests, Government of India. Now also We at CMI, along with IISD, are continuing in this great mission in PAN India, with our Other 120 Civil Society Partnering Organizations, with same or more amounts of interests, enthusiasm, energy, vigour and vitality with great success. After achieving it’s target, UNEP’s also running this Program, renaming it as Trillion Tree Campaign.
11. Which are the Other Institutes, Organizations, CMI has already collaborated in past ?
Ans. Normally CMI collaborates with it’s mother Organisation IISD in most of it’s programme, in addition to few credible sector specific issue based Organisation, considering the theme of the Programme or Project.
12. Which are the similar Organizations, Institutes, working with same type of Objectives internationally ?
Ans. Carbon Trust (UK), IIED, UK and IISD, Canada etc.
13. What are the training programmes, CMI organizes at regular basis ?
Ans. CMI has many MDPs like tailor-made sector specific capacity building programmes, ranging from Adaptation to Livelihood Options for various Communities to Sector and state-holder specific Carbon Finance Courses – AECTPs (Advanced Executive CDM Training Programmes) are being most popular now.
14. How We can partner with CMI ? Who can be partners ? What is the benefit of this partnership ?
Ans. One can join as a Member to CMI’s Network as a Partner, if it is also working with similar objectives – There are mainly 3 types of partnerships – (i) Individuals (ii) NGO, Universities, Research Institutions, Laboratories, Professional Bodies and (iii) Industries i.e Could be small, medium or Large Scale Category. For further details please refer to home-page.
15. Can One can donate CMI and get Tax Examptation ?
Ans. Yes, One can support or donate CMI and get Income Tax Exemption (IT), under section 80G / Charity Clause of Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.

This would be indeed a great support to CMI in running it’s public outreach programs and Campaigns, including Contributing substantially in UNEP’s Trillion Tree Campaign and CMI’s Adaption Fund to support poorest climate refuses for their rehabilitation if required, especially for the grass-root level rural farmers and fishermen community, training in resilience enhancement to adapt new climate risks and continue in possible changed livelihood options, unfortunately no funding arrangements are available from government or any other donors, which is extremely important to be addressed for ensuring social and environmental equity, hence sustainability; one of the most urgent societal need to be taken up immediately.
16. What are the Events, CMI Organizing this year ?
Ans. In addition to it’s all 6 campaigns, Academic programmes and AECTPs, School Programmes, an National Conference on Adaptation, Plantation Events in almost all Indian states etc, CMI has also done few Consultancy and Research Projects, Such as Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) Verifications of the 4 International Airports of India, at Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Thiruananthapuram and Varanasi Of the Airport Authority Of India (AAI), Government of India; Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Preparedness for few Public Sector Industries as per NDC Commitments of India, under Paris Agreement, etc.
17. What are the CMI’s Initiatives for poorer Communities ?
Ans. CMI is collaborating with World Bank, UNDP, UNEP, United Nations University (UNU), UN-ESCAP, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and other premier international Organisations such as IRENA, International Solar Alliance (ISA), OECD, on Solar, Renewable Energy and A&R or LULUCF Community based Projects in rural areas, largely poor, marginalized and economically weaker sections of people, Women and tribals, including Community and Bio Carbon Fund Projects etc.
18. How can I access the CMI’s Database in any specialized area ?
Ans. For that Look the Home page - Free Downloads, Otherwise Contact –[email protected], [email protected].
19. Who Can become such a Corporate / Partner Alliance Partner ?
Ans. Please refer the Partner with us and Become a Member at the right margin of the Homepage.
20. Why CMI’s School Programmes are popular ?
Ans. As Children are future of the nation and their heart and minds are pure and clear, CMI uses them as the agents of Change to peruse mainly Climate Friendly Life-styles, through a number of drawing, essay, lecturing, plantation competitions.
21. Is CMI doing any thing on Emission Reduction in Aviation sector ?
Ans. Yes, along with UN International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), CMI is taking Asia & Pacific Initiatives and engaged in a number of Research and Capacity Building Projects on CORSIA, Sustainable Aviation Fuels, Technology Improvement and Transfer, improving managerial skills and other all possible interventions including the use of Financial instruments such as Carbon Tax to reduce aviation emissions reductions etc.