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CMI's Upcoming Events
(Only few seleted Events are presented)

IISD-CMI's Annual Mansoon Massive
Tree Planting Festival 2021

26th June to 10th July 2021

along with Department of Forest, Government of Delhi

Planting Locations:

1. Yamuna Biodiversity Park         2. Aravalli Biodiversity Park
3. Tilpath Valley Biodiversity Park         4. Kamla Nehru Biodiversity Park
5. Neela Hauz Biodiversity Park         6. Tuglaqabad Biodiversity Park
7. Garhi Mandu Forest, Usmanpur        

The IISD-CMI Plantation Drive in Delhi-NCR, from Garhi Mandu Forest, Usmanpur, starts, where Shri Gopal Rai, Environment Minister, Govt. of Delhi, will join as Chief Guest and inaugurate the program on 27th June 2021. In addtion, Team-IISD-CMI Ladakh is also planting trees this Mansoon, in the few villages of Leh and Kargil districts of UT-Ladakh.

Those who are interested to join the Tree Plantation Program as a Volunteer, Please contact us at [email protected]

Few of the CMI-IISD Tree Plantaions, in previous years :


CMI-IISD Celebrated
World Environment Day 2021

Recently IISD-CMI have Celebrated World Environment Day (WED), on 4th and 5th June 2021; inviting 3 Eminent Chief Guests,
1. Leading Indian Policy Maker Shri Amitabh Kant,
2. United Nation Seceratary General's Goodwill Ambassador Ms Diya Mirza and
3. India Country Represetative, IUCN Dr. Vivek Saxena to Instragram Live Interaction Sessions, where more than 3500+ participants joined. Please follow
     IISD India and CMI at Instragram. You can find these 3 videos at Instragram @iisdind

UN Secretary General's Message

14th Advanced Executive Training Program (ACETP*) on
Carbon Management, Sustainability Reporting and Renewable Energy

Date: 28th and 29th May 2022
Venue:- India International Centre (IIC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Organized by: Carbon Management School (CMS), Carbon Minus India (CMI) and Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi

Description: Middle and Top Level Business Leaders from industry both from Public and Corporate Sector, Industry and Professioanls who are practicing in the areas of Carbon Management, Sustainabilty Reporting, Solar, Wind and all other Renewable Energy businesses are invited to participate.

For more details Please Contact: [email protected]

(* ACETP is the well received and Popular Management Development Program (MDP) of CMI and IISD, since July 2008.)

Global Conference on the Control Of Green House Gases
at the Source by Physical & Chemical Technology (GCGHGSPCT) 2019

Date: 22nd-24th April, 2019
Venue:- Bharatratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee Auditorium
Organized by: Department Of Chemistry & School Of Physical & Decision Science (SPDS),
                          Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Lucknow

Supporting Partner - Carbon Minus India (CMI)
                                Indian Institute Of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi.
                                Simon Fraser University, Canada.

Public Forum - Public Policy Dialogue and Discussion
Towards a more Productive Climate Change Policy for the Planet

Date: 10th July 2010 (Saturday)
Venue:- Conference Room #2, India International Centre (IIC), Main Campus, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Organized by:
                    - Carbon Minus India (CMI), New Delhi
                    - Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi
                    - American Centre,
                     - Embassy of United State of America

Dr. Andrew Light
Director, Center for Global Ethics,
George Mason University, USA

Dr. Srikanta K Panigrahi
Director General
Carbon Minus India (CMI), New Delhi

Dr. MuthuKumara Mani
Senior Environmental Economics
The World Bank, Washington, D.C.

Carbon Minus India (CMI) and Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi engaged with Russian Science and Cultural Centre, Embassy of Russia in Massive Tree Plantation Drive and Promotion of Clean Energy Technology on the occasion of lunching India Climate Neutral Programme 2008-30 on 4th June 2010, which is a historic event for IISD-CMI.

4th Biennial Vibrant Gujarat : Global Investors' Summit 2009

Theme – Gujarat Going Global

Date : 12–13 January 2009
Venue : Mahatma Mandir, Ghandhinagar, Gujarat
Organized by : The Government of Gujarat

Carbon Minus India (CMI) participated in the National Conference and the Exhibition in this event of Vibrant Gujarat. In the above picture, than Urban Development Minister, Govt. of Gujrat, Mrs. Anandi Ben Patel is seen, who is the Governer of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow right now.

Lunching of CMI-IISD's

India Climate Neutral Program (ICNP) 2008-2030,

alongwith UNEP,

Environmental Minister, Honb'le Shri Namo Narain Meena is Lunching, CMI-IISD's India Climate Neutral Program (ICNP) 2008-2030, alongwith UNEP at UN Building, 55 Lodhi Estate, New Delhi-110003.

Where CMI-IISD extends all A to Z Services for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption facilitation for all the Stackholders, right from Industries to Governments, Institutions to Individuals, in terms of Technology Transfer for GHGs Emission Reduction to Development of Indigenous Technology, Promotion of Clean Energy Technology and Supporting Massive Tree Plantation Programs, which would help in Carbon Sequestration.

Date : 5th June 2008
Venue : Inauguration and Lunching at UN Building, 55 Lodhi Estate and
             One Day National Seminar and Conference at India International Centre (IIC), Main Auditorium, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Organized by : Carbon Minus India (CMI), Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi and United Nation Environment Program (UNEP),                         Nairobi, Kenya.
Supported by : Ministry of Environment & Forests and Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India.

National Conference on Green Building & Architecture
Materials, Design, Water & Energy Efficient Technologies & Carbon Credits: Emerging Issues & Concerns

Date : 22nd-23rd August 2008
Venue : India International Centre (IIC), Main Auditorium, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Organized by : Carbon Minus India (CMI) and Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi
Supported by : Ministry of Urban Development & Ministry of Power, Government of India.

The Building sector has major impacts not only on economic and social life, but also on the Natural and Built environment. Various building activities, such as the design, construction, use, refurbishment and demolition of buildings, directly and indirectly affect the environmental performance of the sector. Conventional Building System is less energy efficient than Green Building System. Against this backdrop, the concept of “Green Building” – reducing the harmful effect on the environment of buildings and construction activities – has been attracting the attention of stakeholders. This can range from using recycled materials carried by low-polluting forms of transport in construction to maximizing energy efficiency in a finished building, for example through improved insulation and solar-powered energy. Green Building & Architecture is therefore, the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources — energy, water, and materials — while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment, through better sitting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal — the complete Building Life Cycle. On the aesthetic side of green architecture or sustainable design is the philosophy of designing a building that is in harmony with the natural features and resources surrounding the site. There are several key steps in designing Sustainable Buildings: specify 'Green' Building Materials” from local sources, reduce loads, optimize systems, and generate on-site renewable energy. Building energy simulation tools provide facility to embedded energy efficiency in buildings by predicting their behavior under given climatic conditions and usage patterns.

The purpose of this conference is to explore ways that educational, governmental and industrial institutions can respond locally to global environmental challenges. The conference will be directed at disseminating concrete proposals and ideas for institutional change – how to compute an organization’s climate footprint, how to upgrade existing buildings and plan new, more environmentally friendly ones, and how to develop institutional commitment for adopting these kinds of changes.

In fact, this is high time, to have climate friendly houses, with affordable prices, which not only emits least Green House Gases (GHGs), at the time of Construction, but also takes care to minimize GHG emission during it’s existence (O&M) and off-set the GHG release. There is a huge possibility of getting state of art Energy and Water Efficient Buildings, with new-age environment friendly Buildings Materials and maximum infusion of Renewable Energy in our Construction Sector, which is responsible for 30-40% of energy consumption at large. By making our Constructions energy and water efficient, we do not only save Energy Consumption, but also save money and attract Carbon Credits, under Kyoto Protocol of UNFCCC; which is a win-win situation. As India is a global Leader in Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction market creation, and doing excellent in many related fronts, there is an urgent need to create sufficient techno-economical awareness about this sector at large and disseminate the basic information of this highly technical subject in a more simple possible way, into public domain, so that Common mass can take the advantage of this Knowledge.

We at CMI, are few, who are knowledgeable, ahead of others in advanced thinking and after all with right vision, should come out for providing able leadership to this key sector, influencing national development, this unique event, is suppose to converges all of our efforts, to ensure excellent individual as well as societal delivery in the interest of the nation, which is historic and first of it’s kind in India. It is extremely important to show the right direction to present day of Development, to achieve Sustainable Development today, especially when, India is doing remarkably well in international scenario, with a higher and higher GDP growth rate. Our development process also needs to be more and more, greener to ensure a better future to our next generation.

Focused Titled Covered
• Solar Water Heating Systems
• Use of glass panels to allow natural light inside the building during daytime.
• Rainwater Harvesting.
• Environmentally friendly building materials and specifications.
• Waste minimization
• Healthy indoor environment.
• Maximizing energy use in buildings.
• Water Conservation and efficient measures.
• Energy efficient equipment.

National Awards in 5 Category
( Awarded by Minister of Power & Urban Development )
• Best in Energy Efficient Buildings
• Best in Green Building Design
• Best in Greening Efforts
• Best in Water Efficient Building
• Best in Green Building Material Use

The Executive Trainees at 1st ACETP with Hon'able Shri Suresh P Prabhu, Chief Guest
and Dr Srikanta K Panigrahi, Director General

1st Advanced CDM Executive Training Program (ACETP)

Date : 31st July to 3rd August 2008
Venue : Conference Room No #1, India International Centre (IIC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Organized by : Carbon Management School (CMS), Carbon Minus India (CMI) and Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi

Description: Middle and Top Level Business Leaders from industry both from Public and Corporate Sector, Industry and Professioanls who are practicing in the areas of Carbon Management and Business Sustainabilty are invited.

ACETP is the well received and Popular Management Development Program (MDP) of CMI and IISD.

Since Carbon Minus India (CMI) is an Indian Institute Of Sustainable Development (IISD) initiative, a kind of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of IISD to handle Climate Change related Research Drives, Programs and Projects and Both the Organizations operate together from the same Office establishment.
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