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Carbon Minus India (CMI)
Focus Areas

Carbon Minus India (CMI) today, works on a numbers of Focus Areas – Such as Energy Security, Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation, Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, De-carbonization and Low Carbon Growth Models Development, Carbon Finance, Carbon Trading, Carbon Pricing, Carbon Off-setting, and Sustainable Development etc through these 7 Centres of Excellence and with Our Educational, Academic and Research Outfit Carbon Management School, as mentioned below, in closer professional alignments, with our mother Organization, Indian Institute Of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi.

1. The Centre for Solar Energy (CSE)
Carbon Minus India (CMI)’s the Centre for Solar Energy (CSE), aims to facilitate accelerated growth of the Solar Energy Sector in the country through multifarious activities such as Techno-economic Assessment, Preparation Of Solar Roadmaps, Detailed Project Report Preparation, Incentive Structures, Model Tariff, Policy Interventions, Preparation of Contract Agreements, Facilitation of EPC Contracting, Power Purchase Agreements, handholding in Pilot Project Implementation, Third Party Performance Monitoring and Review and Operation and Maintenance Facilitation etc., for the Government as well as Industry and other Public / Private agencies. CMI-CSE offers expert services including to those of Core Consultant, Owner's / Lender's Engineer, Peer Reviewer and Government Advisory, Research and Consultancy, in addition to organizing tailored made capacity building programs in solar PV Power Plant, Rooftop Solar and Solar Heating equipment installations in Residential and Official Buildings.

2. Centre for Renewable Energy Technologies (CETs)
Carbon Minus India (CMI)’s Centre for Renewable Energy Technologies (CETs), is well known as a national Centre Of Excellence on Knowledge Advisory and Consultancy on the Wind, Small Hydro, Biogas, Biomass, Bio-fuels, Geo-thermal and Wave Energy related industries in India. It functions as the nodal centre for developing industry-institution tie-ups, providing a network for disseminating information to renewable energy sector. This Centre also possesses in-depth expertise in Renewable Energy Policy Insights Analysis, Data Analytics, Research and Management, including DPR preparation and is well equipped with state-of-the-art best qualified professionals to carry out these activities. In fact, we have a separate independent Centre of Excellence absolutely for Solar Energy.

3. The Centre for Carbon Finance

4. The Centre for Energy Management (CEM)
Carbon Minus India (CMI)’s Centre for Energy Management (CEM), manages the primary and secondary surveys, front desk Research, Consultancy, Strategic Advisory, Action Plan/Report preparation and implementation support for the Pilot Projects, if necessary, in the areas of Energy Management, Conduct Of live Energy Audits and Measurements, Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation and Carbon Foot-printing. In addition, We also offer complete A to Z industrial energy efficiency solutions, as per client's requirements to reduce both electrical and thermal energy consumption in industry as well as commercial or office buildings, including carrying out energy assessment, identifying challenges and accordingly recommend appropriate solutions for the implementation, where relevant projects can be executed and the energy savings be demonstrated on demand. CMI offers, energy auditing and energy saving solutions in the area of integrated heating & cooling, steam distribution optimization, HVAC efficiency improvement and waste heat recovery and also adequate solution support services in power audit and measurement with overall management strategy, electricity and fuel savings, reduction in CO2e or GHG emissions levels, fuel change-over, in addition to ensuring other intangible benefits like - the demand charges reduction and reduction in energy price per unit of output etc.

5. The Centre for Policy and Regulation (CPR)
Carbon Minus India (CMI)’s the Centre for Policy and Regulation (CPR) is an another Centre of Excellence, which works in close coordination with Central Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change and State Environment/Climate Change Departments on Formulation and Implementation of Climate Change Impact, Assessment, Adaptation, Mitigation as well as Climate Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction (CRDRR) Policies and also with the State Electricity Regulatory Commissions, Independent/Autonomous Government Think Tanks and Research Institutions to bring suitable Policy and Regulatory Reforms to enable growth in the Renewable Energy sector. In addition, CPR is also active in providing Consultancy support to Renewable Energy Investors, Public and Private Sector Non Banking Finance Institutions (NBFIs) and Utility Cos, Regulatory Commissions, etc, in preparing and analysing Tariff Petitions; analysing Finance and Climate Risks, Return Of Investment (ROI) Analysis, Internal Rate of Returns and Cost Benefits Analysis in Business Models and associated Techno-Commercial Services and confidentially extending the services of assessing the third party Technical and Financial Suitability of submitted Tender Documents etc, including conducting CSR Audits for Public and Corporate Sectors on their CSR Expenditure against CSR Project Portfolios, Filing of MCA 21 Form and Business Responsibility Reporting to Ministry of Corporate Affairs and SEBI and all types of Documentation and Legal Filing Services including Patent, Copy-write, Trade Mark, ISO Certification Filing etc. We have a complete full-fledged team of technical finance and legal experts, Charted Accountants, Advocates and Company Secretaries to support these high-skilled professional services, with least possible time.

6. The Centre for Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCCSD)
Carbon Minus India (CMI)’s the Cente for Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCCSD) works at the cutting edge of Renewable Energy Policy and Implementation with Central and State Governments, as well as with other Institutions, Public and Corporate Sector entities and international agencies. Major areas of research cover climate-energy scenarios, future Energy Security issues, and Accelerated Deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies through Renewable Energy Action Plans and Policy Support, and Enhancement of complex Decision-making Capabilities at Institutional levels. The Centre has strong credible expertise in Climate Policy, Renewable Energy, Energy Security, Energy Efficiency, Energy Economics and Sustainable Development related issues and matters, where the Centre works with an objectivity of influencing Public Policy in national interest through Research and Innovation in unfolding appropriate Business Models and Advocacy, Development of Action Plans / Road Maps, Capacity Building, Training and Outreach activities.

7. The Centre for Carbon Minus / Neutral Certification

8. The Carbon Management School (CMS)
Carbon Management School (CMS) is the first of its kind, attempt of Carbon Minus India (CMI), along with IISD and its School of Environmental Education and Business Sustainability School, to introduce popular and demanding Green Course Curriculum, in the management stream (MBA), from various disciplines of developmental science and facet of human-life. We have planned for 6 month post graduate Certificate Courses, One year Diplomas and Two years Master Degrees, Online and Correspondence Courses and Other specialized Training Programmes on Climate Change and Carbon Finance, with a specialization in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation, Programmatic CDM - PoA, LULUCF / Forestry / Agriculture Sector CDM, Technology Transfer in Clean Energy Technologies, GHG Monitoring Protocol - ISO : 14064 /65, VER’s Generation and Voluntary Markets , Climate Change Science and Adaptation, Green Building and Architecture, Trading Carbon as an International Compliance Commodity, Legal Aspects of CDM and Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA), Energy Management Systems, Energy and Water Audits, Carbon Foot Printing, CEOs in Carbon Trading and Mandatory Carbon Markets and International Climate Change Negotiations, Aviation Emission Management and CORSIA along with a Numbers Of Partnering Institutes, Universities and Independent Management Schools and etc. etc. In addition, running many such Courses Ourselves along with our mother affiliated Institute IISD. We are a Credible Knowledge Think Tank, but those who look for a University Degree or authenticated Certificate of a Credible Established Management School, for them, We have Memorandums Of Understandings (MoUs) or tie ups with Other University Grant Commission (UGC) or All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) affiliated Educational Institutions.