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Carbon Quiz

1. Which of these is a Green House Gas ?
  a) SO2
b) SPM
c) N2O
d) CO
2. What is COP?
  a) Carbon Operating Practices
b) Conference of Parties
c) Conference of Paris
d) Carbon Output Potential
3. Which among these, is an Annex-1 country in Kyoto Protocol?
  a) USA
b) China
c) India
d) South Africa
4. Methane is 21 times stronger GHG producer of:-
  a) HF6
b) N2O
c) CO2
d) H3O6
5. Which of these is second biggest contributor towards Global Warming ?
  a) CO2
b) CH4
c) SO2
d) N2O
6. What is MoP ?
  a) Meeting of Parties
b) Meltings of Platues
c) Meeting of Party
d) Meet of Parties
7. If you use a Car frequently; you are ?
  a) Climate-Change-friendly
b) A person responsible for Global Warming
c) A person, against Global Warming
d) A person very sensitive towards Global warming
8. Which activity among these is responsible for Global Warming ?
  a) Emission from Rice-Paddy Field
b) Emission from a Motor-Byke
c) Emission from a Petrol Car
d) Emission from So2 Stack of an Industry
9. Which among these is a case of Climate Change Impact ?
  a) Glacier Melting
b) Deforestation
c) Earth Quake
d) Sun Setting from a hillock
10. Which among these are not Disasters as a result of Climate Change ?
  a) Draught
b) Flooding
c) Rise in average Temperature
d) Earth Quake
11. Which terminology is not related to Climate Change ?
  a) Adaptation
b) Impact
c) Motion
d) Mitigation
12. Carbon Minus India(CMI)’ is located at :
  a) Kolkata
b) New Delhi
c) Bangalore
d) Ambala Cantt
13. Head Quarter of UNFCCC is based at:
  a) Berlin
b) Tokyo
c) Bejing
d) Bonn
14. UNFCCC formation is linked to:
  a) Sydney
b) Rio-de-Generio
c) Wasington
d) Singapur
15. What is IPCC ?
  a) Inter Police Coordination Committee
b) Inter Polar Coal Council
c) Inter Governmental Panel in Climate Change
d) Intermediate Policy on Climate Change
What’s your Climattitude ?
(From Question No. 16 to 23 - These 8 questions are asked by UNFCCC. Please answer these questions and see if you have given correct answers ? - If your all the answers are correct, then you get excellent.)

16. Many elements of our everyday lifestyles impact our climate. Of the following four, which one do you find the most difficult to address?
  a) Food: I admit that I don’t really think about how my eating habits impact the climate.
b) Comfort: I like being able to change the thermostat to cool my home down or heat it up at will.
c) Local transport: I would rather drive my car because it is often faster.
d) Vacation: I do care about the climate but when I am on vacation, I like to travel around the world by plane.
17. How often do you eat meat?
  a) Every day — I love eating meat!
b) Several times a week — but I also eat vegetarian dishes.
c) Rarely — there are many delicious alternatives.
d) Never — I am a vegetarian/vegan.
18. Have you seen the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”?
  a) I have never heard of it.
b) I like Sound of Music better.
c) Yes, and it scared me.
d) I love it and encourage all my friends to see it.
19. Going somewhere?
  a) I travel a lot, which involves taking many flights.
b) I try to avoid flying by taking a train or driving a car, there are many alternatives.
c) I go for whatever way is quickest, convenient or cheap.
d) I travel as little as possible: train for long distances and public transportation, bike or foot for local travel.
20. How much warm water do you use?
  a) A lot — I like to have a nice, warm bath every day.
b) Regularly — I enjoy hot showers and baths but I know there are climate impacts, so I try to reduce their frequency.
c) Conscientiously — I installed a clock in my shower to ensure that I won’t shower longer than a set amount of time. I am always late anyway.
d) Sparingly — I shower about every second day and not too long.
21. When you talk about climate change with your friends, you tend to be:
  a) Relaxed about it — I am not too worried.
b) Confused about it — I want to take action, but how?
c) Frustrated about it — I do not have time for this!
d) Eager to say what can be done about it — Yes, I have answers so let’s get down to business!
22. What do you think of extreme weather events, such as floods, hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, etc.?
  a) They are clearly a concern, but it’s nature, you know.
b) I think they’re serious and we should plan for them, but what can we do about them?
c) I don’t have time to think about it, I live in the now.
d) The frequency of these events is increasing — we must act now!
23. Are you aware of the human costs of climate change?
  a) I don’t think that there are any major impacts yet.
b) Yes, but there aren’t any impacts in my country.
c) I think the effects of climate change are indeed significant in terms of human lives and costs, but I am not sure to what extent.
d) The impacts of climate change affect the loss of many human lives every year, and cost us trillions of dollars – we must take climate action now!

Answers to Question 1 to 15 - 1. c), 2. b), 3. a), 4. c), 5. b), 6. a), 7. b), 8. a), 9. a), 10. d), 11. c), 12. b), 13. d), 14. b) and 15. c)
Correct Answer to all these Question from 16 to 23 is - d)